Requesting PWAP

PWAP Ministries exist to serve God. Typically we are funded by First Baptist Church of Marysville and do conduct fundraisers to support this ministry. We will perform at no charge if at all possible, but are pleased to accept love offerings. We are open to anything that allows us to minister to the general public. We are limited to the number of performances we can do each month since PWAP is all volunteers.

We perform for a wide variety of audiences from youth rallies with youth band, mimes and dramas to Hope Clubs (much like a VBS) with puppets, mimes, drama, music, snacks, games, and craft. We also have a fair ministry performing puppets, mimes, dramas and making animal balloons. We are trained to give gospel messages and all our teens are trained in one-on-one counseling.

Just email, send a letter, or call the Church office. Please give a brief description of your event and the timing. Please give us a contact phone number, email, and best time to call regarding your request.

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